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How i get update from windows server 2003 to all employee system


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Hi guys i have Eset node endpoint and i need to install antivirus in employee systems

our system employee windows xp and windows 7

Now i need to install eset node in employee system and take update from server to all computer


my server work in windows server 2003 and i installed Eset administrator and console on server

i make mirror folder on server and make path for every employee computer but update not come automatically and not updated why

and all employee have endpoint eset antivirus

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You need to set the correct settings in policy manager to have the clients update on the correct port 2221 for update from mirror.

Then assign the policy to the clients. Ensure your network firewall has 2221 open for the update on server, and on clients.

What is ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) Policy Manager and how does it work?


On a side note, you can always RDP to a client and set the update settings from the client itself by going to Advanced (F5) > Update > Settings, if you needed to test your settings out on one single machine before applying the firewall rules everywhere or adding an incorrect policy to all the clients as well.

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Thank you for reply

i make firewall on clients and server to off and exception port 2221 and also nothing happen 

I dont know update successfully happen or not how i know that i dont know

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What i do until now

open firewall port in server and client in exception

and also in update server in advanced setup i put \\\mirror:2221

and eset endpoint found in system try are orang and show this mark ( i)

and show error to me couldnot connect to server

server is server has windows server 2003

and has folder mirror have update

when i open enpoint and click update

tell me  virus signature database update ended with error

why  this error show and how i solve

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It could be that you changed the default port settings for updating.

You can find that info in the Tools > Server Options > Update tab of the ERA console.


You might need to do a reverse check from a client back to the server and make sure the connection is there.

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Are you using windows firewall ? Or something different ?


This issue may need to be handled over the phone and or with remote support for quicker resolution.

We can continue to assist here too.

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