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install agent 7.1.503.0 on oracel linux 6.5 kernel

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i have problem with install agent in oracel linux 6.5 kernel 3.8.13-16 gnome 2.28.2 erroe error occured while gettinng certificate from server.


installation script  occording to eset ,may this problem be version of oracel linux?

please help me how to fix it.





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  • Administrators

We plan to support Oracle Linux as of Endpoint Security 7.3. However, supported will be only v7 and v8+, not v6.


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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to use ESMC Agent live installer generated in ESMC to deploy AGENT, as it seems there are some issue with manual installation -> attempt to perform server assisted installation is performed, but something fails during download of certificates. I am currently not even sure that silent installation (invoked by --skip-license) can actually perform this kind of assisted installation as it requires user interaction to confirm identify of remote ESMC server to be sure that proper certificates are downloaded.

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