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Feature requests for ESET Windows Server products?

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There is a similar topic for Endpoint products in the appropriate forum section but none for other business products. Why? I believe it could be useful to store those requests and replies in a single place.

For example, I've searched a lot for information about firewall module for Server products. I already know there is no such module but I haven't found any definitive answer for "why" and "will it ever be created". And I might be not the only one interested in opportunity to manage Server firewalls via ERA (which falls under the same concept of managing desktops firewalls centrally via ERA) or at least to know that I shouldn't be waiting for such a feature...

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A topic for suggestions has been created. As for firewall in sever products, there are currently no such plans but I recall some distributors have already requested it. The more requests for a particular feature we receive, the higher priority it usually gets. Therefore I would recommend contacting your local ESET distributor who will then pass the request to the marketing department.

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