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the website rexdl doesn't download so as many more

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when i try to open that website https://rexdl.com/android/es-file-explorer-file-manager-apk-download.html/ it opens normally

but when i click download and redirects me to https://rexdlfile.com/index.php?id=es-file-explorer-file-manager-apk-download it blocks me and shows that messege 
so are there anyway to add exceptions to ignore some specific threats or urls if it's from some specific website?

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8 hours ago, Nightowl said:

It's safer to obtain a file manager through PlayStore , sometimes those APKs can be infected.

Although the popup is for eset windows which is confusing unless the user is using an emulator for android on windows.

There is a play store link that also shows an error so possibly it has been removed which is suspicious

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