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Is there a way to randomize client updates?

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We utilize VDI (virtualized desktops)...and for performance reasons have all 300+ clients update their modules/definitions only once a day.  The problem is, they all update at once, and this kills disk latency and performance on our SAN.  Is there a way in SMC to schedule the updates for the clients to:

- only happen once a day, but
- do it randomly across the 300+ clients in say a 3-4 hour window of time?

I didn't see a way in SMC to randomize or set a x hour window of time.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or assistance you can offer.



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Hello @NW_Shawnee

sure, there is a Random Delay Interval option in the Trigger for tasks send from ESMC 


btw. I would recommend to update the modules more often, than just once a day.


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