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Extending coverage using license manager

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I have purchased multiple keys with the intent of adding them to my License Manager and therefore automatically extend the coverage for my installed devices.  Could you please give me instructions to make sure I am doing this correctly so as not to inadvertently run both keys at the same time and defeat the purpose of adding the second key.  I'm sorry but I can't find anything that explains how to do this.

Thanks in advance,


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I was able to find 2 licenses with different license keys registered with your email address, each valid for 1 year. You should contact the seller (ESET Canada) to merge them into one and thus extend the validity by 1 year.

When purchasing a license, you can choose for how many devices it will be and for how long the license will be valid. Individuals should have virtually no reasons to purchase separate licenses to cover more devices. Since licenses become valid as of the day of purchase, it's not possible to extend existing licenses this way either.


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