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Just started using this feature.

It shows that I have two activated products but I currently have only one unexpired license in use. Now I did reinstall Win 10 on 2/10 on same device which is approximately two days prior to the last use date on one of the activated products. Could this be why two activated products are showing?

-EDIT- Forgot to mention that the boot drive crashed. Hence the Win 10 reinstall. Obviously, I didn't uninstall Eset previous to the fresh Win 10 installation and subsequent re-install of Eset.

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So the first installation is still stuck and active according to ESET servers as it wasn't removed normally.

I don't know if it will expire after a time of waiting , but I believe you could remove that device from your my.eset page , I have never used that page so I don't have that much experience with it.

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