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multiple licences mixed in one eras

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Dear all!

We have ESMC server ver. 7.1 installed in a domain, where multiple organizations working. We have one central server, but 2 different licences, with different products and activation seat numbers. The collegues of mine doing the installs, accidentally mixed the licenses.

My goal is to have company A use the licene AND product type which is rightfull to company A and so too company B. I need a solution for mass product licence change AND product type change. (product type change: company A has endpoint antivirus with more licence number, company B has endpoint security with less licence number)

I hope my problem is clear and understandable what I would like to achive. Please ask me, if not, or need more information. Thanks.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Peter, I would suggest to use the concept of dynamic groups. You can sed a DG for "installed product" Endpoint Antivirus and "installed product" Endpoint Security, and then apply the product activation task for the first, and second dynamic group. Aslo, If those licenses were added individually, you can also adjust access rights, where admins from company A would see only company A, and license moved to "access group A" and company B, would see computers for company B, and license moved to the "access group B". (this would work only in case when licenses were added via different EBA accounts, or via separate license keys). 

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Hi. I am still doing this task. I made dynamic groups, with some conditions like

Device identifiers . Identifier type = (equal) Computer name
Device identifiers . Identifier value has prefix "Company-A"
OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
OS edition . OS name ≠ (not equal) Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard
Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Antivirus

Copmuters are appeared okay, but if i create a new product activation task, it is not working. Task finishing succesfully but no licence change made.

Step by step, test on 1 computer. Let's say computer-001 is owned by company A. Company A has ESET Endpoint Antivirus.

But computer-001 is activated with Endpoint Security Business Edition. So i create a new product activation, with selecting licence type endpoint antivirus. Nothing happens. What now? 

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I tired the following:

in eras web console, the test computer click deativate products. Replicated to all servers, at licence management pressed the action\sync licenses, waited 30+ mins, nothing happened. Went to eba.eset.com, searched for test computer, deactiveted online, result was almost instant. Okay, activation task, with different licences from eras Go! Done. Some update i saw, but now i am confused, at licenes it says multiple license. At eras it says it have the old licence. I do not happy with the result. What i am doing wrong?

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Please remember, that when You creating install task, You have to assign licence.

I would create different task for each licence, activation is automatic if computer have access to ESET servers.


So if I understand correctly, You used task with old licence and want to pass new one. I would try to make new install task with correct licence and reinstall it..

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