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Migrating out-of-date KACE database to new KACE server

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I currently have an eset server that cannot be upgraded past its current version:

ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.5 (6.5.522.0)
ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0)
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Enterprise (64-bit), Version 6.0.6003 Service Pack 2
As the upgrades require a 2012 Server.  We are going to build a new server and migrate the current database, but in order to do that it requires both versions to be the same.  We can't upgrade the old one, nor install the lower version on the new Server.  What's the best way to get this done?
Thank you for your time.
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Thank you for the response.  


I tried to upgrade the current server with the all-in-one, and it stated the current OS is not supported and required Java.  And the current server is a VM.   


So can I migrate my current version database to the a new VM newer version with little issue or no?

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  • Administrators

If you've been using MySQL db, it should be possible to dump the db, export server, peer and CA certificates, deploy ESMC VA and restore the db + import certificates on VA. A colleague of mine should chime in and confirm my assumption or correct me.

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide link to migration scenario you are following for verification?

I am almost sure that scenario named Migrated Database - same IP address  should work in your case. Technically it would require these steps:

  1. Stop original ERA server service
  2. Migrate ERA database content to new database server (for example MS SQL Server 2019 installed on new Windows Server) + store backup just to be sure
  3. Run ESMC 7.1 installer on new server. It should detect presence of old database, which should be upgraded during installation. Even in case it is required to have the same versions, you can still install ERA 6.5 also on new server, but I do not think it is required. I would also recommend to perform installation with disabled network, so that AGENTs are not connecting yet to new installation, just to be sure.
  4. Once ESMC is installed, verify you can log into console and all data is present, and enable connection of clients. In case something won't be right, revert back to original server, i.e. start old service or possibly repeat migration in case it will be clear what went wrong.

Just be aware that in case of hostname changes, migration might be little more complicated, as described in documentation.

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