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Dynamic Groups - Question

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I am hoping someone can help me with a question regarding Dynamic Group is Eset Security management Center Server. I have setup a number of dynamic groups based on the IP subnet the device is on so i can apply policies to different VLANs within our network. This is working fine except that on occasion some of our laptops join the groups if they are connected to networks which use the same IP range and on our VPN (for example while at a customer site).

I thought that i could stop this by modifying my template to exclude devices which have the Sophos VPN adaptor (the VPN solution we use) installed so i added a line to say "where network adaptor description is not Sophos VPN Adaptor" but this had no affect. Is it possible to set the template to exclude device when the IP subnet is on a network adaptor of a specific type and if so how?

Thanks in advanced.


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