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Custom Scan Completed: Detection Occurred Not Cleaned?

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2 minutes ago, itman said:

First, check in your UEFI/BIOS settings as to what version is currently installed. Asus might have some auto update utility for this running on your system but doubt that is the case.

That is the latest UEFI/BIOS available for your motherboard. Appling that will include all currently available UEFI/BIOS updates from ASUS.

The specific update I was referring to is shown later in that same section;


Again if you don't know what you are doing here, get some professional help.

How do I check my version in the settings? No one is actually willing to help because of the covid19 issue right now plus alot of the people around me will find a way to up charge me.


So since you know about this and it seems like a widespread issue, me having this detection was not directly from my paranoia of the remote session I had especially since files cannot be installed with my permission but rather this is a worldwide problem? What will this update do for me and should I now have to spend the time to backup everything right now before I do it?

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Instructions on how to update the UEFI/BIOS are contained in the booklet you received with your motherboard. If that is not available, refer to this section in the posted .pdf link:


3.11 Updating BIOS

The ASUS website publishes the latest BIOS versions to provide enhancements on system stability, compatibility,and performance. However, BIOS updating is potentially risky. If there is no problem using the current version of BIOS, DO NOT manually update the BIOS. Inappropriate BIOS updating may result to system’s failure to boot. Carefully follow the instructions in this chapter to update your BIOS when necessary.


It appears that the "EZ Update" method is the easiest to use.

At this point, I am "bowing out" from assisting you since I have well overstepped the scope of this forum since it is about Eset software issues.

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One last thing I will help you out on.

If you can't find your Asus motherboard CD/DVD, your can download EZ Update from the same ASUS download site. Search under the Utilities section for the below download which includes all Asus utility software:



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