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On Every Startup Eset Blocks softget.net ...fr.exe? A VIRUS??

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I've been having weird issues for 2days. Something accidently happened that i dont know and on every startup(windows10) i get notification "Regedit does something" 'yes or no'. At first, i clicked "yes" computer restarted itself and opened with "SAFE MODE" . I restarted pc but didnt help for safe mode. I searched and found solution to remove safe mode from "msconfig". Done! but also, there is one more issue. Task manager was disabled. I went regedit and enabled it by changing 1 to 0.  Ok, computer gets started with normal mode BUT i keep still getting "regedit notification" on every startup but i click "no" every time. its annoying. Besides these stuffs, esed nod32 blocks "hxxp://softget.host/rs/st/fr.exe" everytime after startup. I wonder if its relevant to to my problem. I just wanted to ask and HELP from you. Thx for helping...

I am worried , it seems "VIRUS" . But i am using pc normally now. Just everystartup regedit notification pops up.

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You can try running the System cleaner integrated in ESET -> Tools to restore default system settings that might have been modified by malware. Also please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.


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