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Watch out for sextortion emails claiming to know your details


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I have seen a couple of emails in my main outlook.com inbox folder and not the spam folder which claim to know my password and thought I'd share this scam. They also claim to have got this by infecting me while apparently visiting adult websites and capturing me via webcam. The purpose of this email is to threaten the user with exposing personal videos if they do not pay up a fee in bitcoins.

Obviously as soon as I saw the email I knew it was fake but seeing a few in the last few days I did a google.

Firstly if anyone does receive this email just delete it. They do not have any compromising videos and it is all just a scare tactic.

However to make the email seem genuine it tries to include one of the users passwords. Generally the password isn't even one of the users but I've read some are receiving emails with a password the user uses.

Apparently they are using multiple breaches to gain passwords with the idea to personalise the email and make it seem real. You can check if your have an account on a site that has been compromised by putting your email in at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ however note that the email is still fake, they don't have any information. If the password is a one you are using they have just used this to further trick you but I'd recommend changing your passwords to make sure no one has them.

This isn't actually new and forms of this have been going on for years.

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