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This is an amazing head-start for ESET on safer global browsing for information.

I think the web development and coders have created some awesome work here.

That is the first thing as an individual working in IT, that i noticed.

Design is incredible. Color and titles jump out at you. The templates in the background that plug in all the info is original in nature.


Question to ESET: Are the journalists for welivesecurity.com going to be writing & blogging in both locations ? I saw some articles by  few recognized journalists.


I would love to get other peoples feedback on this exciting new venture from ESET. :)

I almost didnt understand what it was at first, once i figured it out, i was amazed. Nice work !




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"This is an amazing head-start for ESET on safer global browsing for information."


For my part I have the impression of being on a Yahoo!! homepage, for example^^

I do not see the added value for the end user, but perhaps it escapes me, and if someone kindly explain to me, I'm interested.


"Design is incredible."

Incredible???  It is not a little excessive anyway? ;)

You see, in another subject you tell me about the workload to create an international forum, but we can see here that a tool has "limited scope", have found resources.

I'm not sure users really need a tool type, Yahoo or MSN page starting ...





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