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Problem with "ESET Personal firewall initialization failed"

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I have over 500 Eset Endpoint Security client installed. About 30 of them give me status "ESET Personal firewall initialization failed". I know that I can fix it by running  installation package and then choose repair options.

Is it a way to do that remotely  via ESET Remote Administration Console?


Commands "Remote install" -> "Upgrade Windows client" and "Windows Push installation" have no affect on those computers.




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Unfortunately these 2 options will not do anything if the current version and the version you are trying to push install are the same.

The only way to run a repair install is to do this locally, at the computer. There is one other option. In the Windows push install, second window, top dropdown menu you can choose a push uninstall. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer and push another install to it.

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