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Repository not showing Endpoint Security options

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I've been updating some of my outdated clients via the software install task and selecting the newest version from the repository.  This worked fine for about 150 of machines but now whenever I go to the repository it shows every other software version except the Windows Endpoint Security.  Also, on the main security summary page of the dashboard there was a bar chart that told me the % of machines that were up to date.  This chart is now showing 0 information.  

I'm on ESMC version 7.1.717.0 on a windows server 2012 

The clients I'm attempting to update are all Windows 10

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide some screenshost to helps us understand where exactly is problem? Maybe it is related to fact that re-calculation of version check results is performed with delay (should be no more than 1 hour), it might render not current or undefined status in dashboards.

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Hey Martin,

Thanks for the response.  It resolved itself a few hours after I posted this thread.  Maybe a repository outage of some sort?

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