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Email Directory Only Scan: /Library/Mail

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Three Questions


1. How can I select the  /Library/Mail only directory ito do a quick scan of the mailboxes on my system?


2. How can I set the scheduler to wake up the system from sleep so I can do this scan at 4am before I wake up?


3. Why are MAILBOXES de-selected from the ThreatSense Engine by default? Will ESET delete an entire mailbox if it finds a single virus file inside a single email?







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Possible answers to:



As I understand it, ESET will not delete an entire mailbox if a single virus file had been detected. The reason for excluding mailboxes from being scanned by default, is due to the fact that mailboxes containing a large number of emails, can become huge. If a single email is put in quarantine, the structure of a mailbox might become corrupted/unstable. So to be sure your mailbox cannot become corrupted, ESET by default excludes mailboxes from being scanned. The cause of this issue is that Apple Mail saves all emails in a single mailbox file, instead of having one file per email.



Although I use Thunderbird, which also keeps all emails contained in a single mailbox, you might want to use my approach for scanning your mailboxes occasionally. To prevent a mailbox from becoming corrupted, I make a copy of the mail folder (i.e. /Library/Mail) to a separate location. Then I apply a scan on this copy through the appropriate context menu option. To be sure that all files are scanned thoroughly I had to change the context menu scan profile to include all objects in the ThreatSense Engine setup and at least set Heuristics and Advanced Heuristics under "Scan Options".


I hope this helps.

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