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mapped domain security group -> no user sync

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Hi we have mapped security witch do not get new users or delete old according to AD Group. (Access rights for managment console)

Test new group -> ESET find new group -> no members

Server restart do not help.

User sync is working correct (i see new users and old deleted are gone)

Server Version latest ESET on MS 2012 R2


thx for help


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  • ESET Staff

Could you be please more specific? You have created mapping for AD security group but users from this group are not able to log in? Asking because it is not clear, as users won't be automatically shown until they first log-in into ESMC, nor they will be removed from ESMC once removed from AD.

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That was the "problem". This schould be changed in future releases, if i remove someone from the AD group he still appear in ESET and so i cant see if a person have access rights or not.


thx for the fast reply

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