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Possible Memory Leak. File Security v7.1

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I recently upgrade from ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7 and with that updated my servers to the newest version of File Security 7. From the beginning we have been having issues with the update. We have had 4 VM hosts soft lock. They were showing online, but could not be accessed. This was causing services to fail and network activity to be slowed and/or crash. Only resolution was to hard reset the host and then go in and manually restart each VM.

More recently some VMs are freezing. When investigating we are noticing that ekrn.exe is using up massive amounts of memory. We have been forced to restart the server to get things back to normal.

We have also noticed coincidentally that Shadow Protect is also struggling with backup jobs and pulls pretty much whatever resources ekrn is not taking.

Anyone else have this issue? For the time being we have had to disable ESET on the servers affected as it is halting operations for my clients.

I did create dmp files and log files, but they are too large to attach.

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You can upload the dump in a compressed form to a safe location (OneDrive, DropBox, WeTransfer.com,etc.) and drop me a personal message with a download link.

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