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Eset blocking website from opening on Fireforx

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Good morning, as per object.


ESET (on old version, not latest update as i saw it only now), has taken on blocking a lot of websites with the "PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR". The only solution to date is to disable the SSL/TLS in the settings to make everything work again. The issue won't show on any other browser.


Any clue on why this happens? More important, any solution to keep the filtering on and still be able to use FF?


Thanks a lot.




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10 minutes ago, itman said:

If this issue just occurred recently and there were no previous issues with your currently installed Eset version, I would suspect the issue is being caused by your ISP: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/cdmqbf/getting_a_lot_of_pr_connect_reset_error/

That Reddit section is the same i checked into to see the suggestion to disable the SSL filtering too. As a matter of fact, disabling the SSL filtering makes things better but it doesn't solve them entirely. So i am now thinking that it might be both a problem of ESET and ISP.

Any suggestion?


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Check Eset's cert. in FireFox and make sure it is set to "identify websites." Also verify the cert. has not expired:


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