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"Invalid Username and/or Password" error message

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I'm trying to activate my product, and I get this error when I try to update the virus sigs database: "Invalid Username and/or Password."
I made an account on my.eset.com, I brought the product for two PCs from Eset's online shop, got a License Key through email, and added it to the License Manager.
But I didn't got any Username/Password combo in the email, and the Username/Password from the License Manager doesn't works, it dumps the "Invalid Username and/or Password."
I tried to recover my Username and Password, but I got the same email with only a license key.
Any ideas on how to solve this ? Thanks !

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If a username and password to update legacy products was not included in the license email, please ask the seller to provide it. Current products support activation and management which is not the case of legacy products.

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