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Update about ESET AV Server Internet Traffic Utilization


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Dear Sir,

Our below customer are facing some issue in eset.  Kindly check it & try to resolve as soon as possible.

1)    as per client said that eset all client are getting updates direct from internet (Not ERA).

        As per client said Eset updates get daily more than 7 GB 

        Sophos firewall report send with attachment. please download and check it.

2)     Client want to updates only from local server.

3)    Customer want to direct delete Quarantine files (Not by Task.)

We create 4 Update server, Now client pc get update but give as per below error message

Product Update Failed
Unauthorized Access.


5 Update Path at client side.jpg

6 Quarantine file delete.jpg

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From the screen shots it is not clear what the problem is.

It appears that clients are configured to download module updates from a mirror. Isn't it possible to use an http proxy instead of the mirror? That would:
- save a lot of network traffic since only files actually needed to update clients would be downloaded and cached
- the clients would receive streamed updates every few minutes and thus be protected to the maximum extent against current threats
- clients would take advantage of LiveGrid for improved protection, cleaning and performance.

As for the product update failure, that's because the clients cannot access ESET's repository to check for a newer version of the product. Only modules are downloaded from ESET's update servers.

As to your questions:
1, It is not clear what it 7 GB in total. Installers downloaded to a local repository? Update files downloaded by clients are relatively small, typically just several kB per client a day (which would be even cached if http proxy was used).

2, If the user doesn't want the product to update from ESET's repository, the user would need to disable product updates and push newer version on a regular basis (2-3 times a year).

3, The content of quarantine can be deleted directly only within the security product. For deletion via ESMC, a task needs to be used.

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dear sir

Eset server pc daily download updates get daily more than 7 GB 
for report in hardware firewall .
atteched firewall report for eser server.

f 1.png

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If you create a mirror, at least 2x 2x 5x 32 MB of data is downloaded on a daily basis which is 640 MB in total, not taking into account updates of the antispam and other modules that are not released on a daily basis. With HTTP proxy in place, approximately 5x 50-60 kB would be downloaded in a 100% ideal case.

Please provide a graph of communication with IP addresses instead of countries.

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