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Server Database Creation Fails During Installation

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We're running Centos7 and Mysql 5.7.28 on Amazon RDS. Local mysql odbc client version is currently at 5.2.7, but receive the same error with 5.3.10.

I'm showing this error during the installation:


Stopping service... Creating database ... failure

The log explains further:

2020-03-12 03:17:34 Information: Leaving function: void Era::Setup::Common::CustomActions::CDatabaseWrapper::ExecuteScriptsInDirectory(const string&, const string&)
2020-03-12 03:17:34 Error: Statement execution failed. Code: 0. Error: GetServerUuid: failed to get server uuid. File: /tmp/tmp.7SrkMD9FKp/setup/Database/MySQL/SetupScripts/Install/2_do_install.sql. Statement: ERA_EXECUTE StoreStaticObjectPresets...
2020-03-12 03:17:34 Information: Installer: Failed creating database.
2020-03-12 03:17:34 Information: Installer: Error: 2543: Error occurred while creating database

Has anyone seen this error before? Is there some sort of database configuration (character set, collation, etc.) that we're missing? Appreciate any suggestions on next steps.

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Is this actually attempt for clean installation? From logs it seems that database might be already present, but it might be missing crucial data - in case of installation attempt, please make sure there are no remnants of previous failed attempts, so that log show original issue.

Also be aware that Amazon RDS based on MySQL is not tested and thus there might be other issues, especially with configuration, even in case parameters required by ESMC (relevant documentation) are set.

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