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esmc 7 update server help

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Hello ESET Forum Gurus

I'm in the process of setting up esmc 7.1 for the first time and and wow is it different

I'm currently using ERA 5.3 and have been for years however am now forced to upgrade 

I'm really confused i'm in the process of creating new policies from scratch and having issues with the update part

in ERA i just made the server a mirror and pointed all the clients via policy to that server for updates

I can't find that option in ESMC 7 can someone point me in the right direction as this not all my clients have direct internet access so they need to update from a an update servers

once I have all the policies and updates running i will be mass deploying the new client 7.1 to the workstation.

Thank you for your time and effort in advance.

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ESMC does not create a mirror at all. You have two options how to update:

1, Via http proxy if the computers can reach a machine that runs http proxy (Apache HTTP Proxy is a part of the all-in-one ESMC installer for Windows).
If you choose to install it during installation of the AiO installer of ESMC, it will be pre-configured also in policies and ESMC setup. Otherwise you will need to configure it in: ESMC, agent policy, security product policy (Tools - Proxy server section):


Using HTTP proxy is a preferred since:
- it ensures that only update files actually needed by clients to update will be downloaded which saves a lot of network traffic compared to a mirror
- it enables the use of streamed updates to keep clients constantly up to date against current threats
- it enables the use of LiveGrid to improve protection and performance if the computer is without Intetnet connection (the proxy limits Internet access only to ESET's servers).

2, From a mirror created by the mirror tool or the appropriate security product (e.g. EFSW or Endpoint v7 to create a mirror for v7). For more information on using the mirror tool, please read https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/mirror_tool_windows.html

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Hello Marco's thank you for the reply, i'm actually using the virtal appliance of esmc.. does the above information still apply?


Thank you for your time

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