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Computer rename + licensing + ESMC

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I can't seem to understand myself or to find detailed info on computer rename process in regards of its "relationship" with ESMC.

Situation is as follows - there is domain computer with ESET managemnt agent and Endpoint Security installed (using business license). It's visible in ESMC and any kind of interaction through ESMC is possible. I change computer name (i.e. hostname not ESMC client name though Rename computer fuction), reboot it, sync static groups in ESMC. The very same computer wth new name is displayed as computer having no agent/security product installed. Endpoint secuirty works fine, i can update it and etc. but ESMC doesnot display the fact that it's a known client and has the software installed.
When I uninstall Endpoint security this computer falls back to its old name in ESMC and displays the fact that it has just the management agent installed. Complete reinstall of all ESET products solves the situation - computer has new name and is manageable from ESMC - but definitely shouldn't be default option for such situations...

Question - what's the correct procedure for situation when computer changes name? How is computer name linked to security product license and its ESMC client status? 

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  • ESET Staff

Basically in this case you need to do the following: 

  1. Execute "rename computers task" on the group where the rename computers are present. This will change the ESMC name to the name in your domain. 
  2. Execute the "static group synchronization task", with correctly set extinction / conflict resolution handling (AFAIK it should be "move"). This will prevent creation of a duplicated entry. 

There is no linkage between the computer name and the license consumption. When you rename the computer, it will still consume the same license as license consumption is bond to a specific hardware fingerprint, not a computer name. With regards to the ESMC, computer name is a property stored on server, created upon first connection. So even when computer is renamed, without executing the computer rename task, computer will keep connecting to ESMC under it´s original name (when you have renamed it, it should have kept connecting to ESMC). 

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