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Why do I get pop up ads after installing ESET Smart Security?

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I'm in the process of evaluating ESET Smart Security (switching from Symantec/Norton) and the only problem so far I have with the ESET product is that now I'm getting pop-up ads all over my screen.  I didn't have that problem with Norton Internet Security as it blocked pop ups from the get-go while surfing?.  I'm new to the product and I'm liking what I see, but these pop-up ads are killing me.


Any light that can be shed will be greatly appreciated.




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Hi and Welcome.


Ads from where exactly are they Displayed on your desktop from an installed program or in your browser while browsing the net?


if you look to block ads in your browser/s then there are browser add-ons or software you can install wich will do that for you.


In any case, you don't get the ads because you installed ESET I promise you that.  ;)

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Perhaps you could get rid of most pop-up windows by enabling detection of potentially unwanted applications (PUA) and running a full disk scan in scan-only mode. When a PUA is detected, you should be able to find in the Control panel -> Program and feature and uninstall it in a standard manner.

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