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Getting fed up with firewall

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If there's a problem uninstalling ESET by standard means for whatever reason (except file or registry permission issues), using the Uninstall tool in safe mode should do the trick.

Did that, but after a reboot the new version suddenly installed by itself, I've no idea how that happened. But at least it seems to work now.



Applying all those updates listed, along with the ESS updates, and you probably caused your own problems.


Next time, apply your security program updates, reboot, then run your windows updates and reboot, followed by your office, vmware, adobe, etc.

I've done it this way several times before and never had issues like this using that method of installing updates. Although I vaguely remember a similar issue with ESS on a different computer with XP, but back then I didn't need to go to safemode to do a thorough removal of ESS.

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