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Issues getting from Era 5 to ESMC 7

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The Era 5 system is installed on a Win 2012 server that will be decommissioned in a few months, to evaluate the problems with passage to ESMC 7 (never used it till now) I have installed an appliance running under a Win10 workstation using Hyper-V.

The Win10 workstation had a Endpoint 7 installed using the customer license. This Endpoint was installed well before the ESMC appliance, and was not (of course) managed by the Era5 system. I installed the Agent for this workstation and updated the Endpoint through the ESMC. So far so good.

Now the remaining part is to bring the remaining 2 dozen or so of Endpoint 5 managed by the Era5 to the ESMC. Obviously I need to get the customer license in the ESMC, but I'm worried on the effect on the Endpoint 5 systems. If I go to ela.eset.com for the customer license, I only see the one Win10 computer, I don't see the Endpoint 5 usage. Can I just install the customer license on the ESMC and install the agents on the rest of customer's computer ? Or is there a step that I should do before ? I don't see how this could harm Eset since no more computers would be using the customer license but you never know how license restrictions work so I ask.


Another smaller problem: currently Era5 is managed in customer monitoring system (ie, something similar to Nagios) by using an exe called eracmd.exe that is used to export the current system state in a file that the monitoring system reads and uses to update the general organization state. I was happy to update to ESMC 7 as I was believing that I could eliminate this annoying hack, but despite having searched a full day I don't find *anything* to monitor ESMC: no SNMP (I have found how to enable snmpd but it's useless since it does not report anything specific to Eset, just the general virtual machine state), no REST, no REDFISH. There are SNMP traps but it's said that this does not work with the appliance. So zero, nada, and not even eracmd. How in the world can an ESMC appliance be integrated in a monitoring system ?


Thanks for your insights.



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Endpoint v5 doesn't use the licensing system and activation so licenses used by it won't appear in ELA/EBA. Speaking about license management portals, EBA is the successor of ELA and is required for managing licenses of some of the new products, therefore I'd recommend moving to EBA from ELA and then adding the EBA account to the ESMC license manager.

As for monitoring ESMC, I'll leave this for somebody else to answer.

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Thanks @Marcos I tried it and it worked.

To expand if other people have the same question: I added the license to ESMC, launched a task to install the Agent on an  h Eset 5 workstation, it worked (after a few troubles involving invalid customer DNS), then when the workstation was managed by ESMC, I created a new task to install last Eset version on the station, Eset 5 was uninstalled automatically, after a few minutes the computer restarted and Eset 7.2 was functional.  In the ela.eset.com page the new license appeared too. So far, so good.

Worthy of note is that the new installed Eset version launches immediately a full scan, a lengthy operation.

About the monitoring, I'm investigating the API, but it's a real pain to have to do programming to interface with a monitoring system! It should be possible out of the box...


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