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Windows 7 Offilne Folders

Toni T.

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Hi All,

I can't find a proper reference in the forum/KB.

We have several Windows 7 installations (I know, it is a no longer supported OS), in which we enabled offline folders.

If ESET is enabled. we are no longer able to save to those locations. End user has to try several time (4-8) to be able to save ANY file to those locations.

Disabling HIPS does not solve the issue. Only by fully disabling the Security product we are able to fix it (please note that both the Antivirus only and the full security suite are affected).

Client version 7.1.2064.0

Any hint is appreciated.



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Does the issue occur with Endpoint 7.2 when default settings are used? Does disabling real-time protection and HIPS in the advanced setup, one at a time, followed by a computer restart make a difference?

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