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LMB & Enter sometimes open file properties instead of opening it after scanning through the context menu

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Hello. I have the following problem: when using scanning through the context menu of any object, something like virtual sticking of the ALT key occurs. I click on object by RMB and select scan, and after that if i click on the same object using LMB or ENTER, its properties are opened instead of opening it. Glitch appears periodically and for most only when using anti-virus scanning through the context menu. Extras: Antivirus last, reinstallation does not help, even the OS reinstalled and installed ESET again. This bug temporarily removes by pressing the right ALT. But anyway, a bug appears again. Tell me, please, what could be the cause of this bug and how to solve it? Thank you in advance.

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@Marcos Ok, i will try to use On-Screen Keyboard & this keyboard tester when i catch this bug, because it appears periodically, but not everytime. And no, i think, not before. 

@Marcos I catch that bug i open this keyboard tester & on-screen keyboard while there was a bug, and these two keyboards did not detect a sticked ALT key

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Update about bug.
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