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I have partitioned my Mac - can malware from Win10 OS effect mac OS X?


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I have premium eset only on OS X disc but not on the new  win10 install. I am running a few experiments on my Win10 on iMac. My OS X has premium eset for Mac and a fully encrypted disk. If by chance my desktop is infected by malware, is there a chance it could be encoded to gain access to my OS X?

What security measures do you recommend to counter such a possibility (if any)?

Thank you

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any eset software can detect any type of malware.

eg :

eset for linux can also detect mac, windows etc malware

eset for mac can detect windows, linux malware

eset for windows can detect mac, linux malware.


well as per your question the answer is no, you have 2 different set of partition so even if windows based malware attacks the mac partition it will not be able to encrypt the files since both os have different extensions of files to get infected.

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