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ESET integrated with search engine


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I searched your forums for something like this but found nothing.

I spend lots of time searching the Internet with Google for technical information.  When I get a list of Google search results, I start exploring the most interesting/relevant links.  It seems many links that have nothing but relevant information in Google's description turn out to be blocked (presumably for good reason).  Here is one result from a search I did this morning:

Vscode test explorer not showing tests
crm.uetuniversal.com › vscode-test-explorer-not-showing-tests
But, when you use Invoke-Pester to run the script, you need to pass the ... tool that's available in Visual Is there any chance of getting a Test Adapter to allow ...

Sounds completely reasonable for what I was searching, but when you click the link it gets blocked.  It would be a real timesaver if such links could be omitted from the search results.  Is there a way to ask Google to integrate with ESET so results like this could be filtered out first?  Or is there some other search engine that can do that?



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ESET cannot scan a website content until it's downloaded. As for the blocked website, we will unblock it since malware that was there seems to have been cleaned already.

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