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Passing Encryption login after restart remotely.


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HI all, this issue bugs me somewhat but I'm not too experienced with the software so I maybe be ignorant of workarounds.

The clients I support remotely every now and then need to restart there machines/workstations after various updates, so far I have to do this with the user around in order to get them to tap in their password. Is there a way to do this remotely as if can be disruptive to their work day?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, such procedure should be possible for both EEE and EFDE, I have contacted my colleagues, and they will respond with instructions on Monday. 

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  • Former ESET Employees

Hello @Carlito,

We have recently implemented this into our ESET Endpoint Encryption Server.

This feature allows you to pass the pre-boot authentication therefore allowing you to work on the machine remotely.

Make sure you have upgraded to version 3.0.1.

Client also requires 5.0.5.

Enabling Maintenance Mode

Note: You can select multiple workstations at once to apply this. Not selecting any, will automatically apply this to all workstations.

  1. Access your workstations tab
  2. Select Pre-Boot Authentication


3.Select Disable/Enable from the drop down.


4.Disabling Pre-Boot Authentication allows you to choose one of the three options (Hours, Date/Time, Reboots)


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This is fantastic. Thank you for the procedure.

Is there any chance the update will be rolled out to the auto updater in the near future?

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