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What is everyone's opinion on backconnect (private) proxy companies?


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I'm not a member of any other forum that caters to a great extent, to cybersecurity professionals. So I was just wondeirng what the take on such companies is here. I'm guessing a lot of people have heard of the kind of companies i'm talking about - luminati, oxylabs, squid proxys etc

I'm not involved in the field but from what i've heard, apparently the general methodologies involve mass port scanning and 'cracking', as opposed to hacking, to obtain private residential IPs amongst others.

Now i'm not sure what the line between 'cracking' and hacking is in this case but the legalities is going to be a real grey area right? Do they have like hundred legal loopholes to work with here because it seems they're trading on really shaky grounds to me.


Just wondeirng what your two cents are?

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