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ESET Push Notification Service

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Is this necessary in ESET agents for ESET SMC to work? I've read in the documentation that it allows client tasks to be executed as soon as possible, can someone confirm if this is truly necessary or if it can be disabled?

Is there a place where we can see the information sent to or contacts done to EPNS?

The idea of having an on-prem solution was that it didn't had to rely on third party services.

Thanks for any feedback!

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  • ESET Staff

It is used only to manually wake-up AGENTs, i.e. force them to connect immediately. In case of smaller environments where connection interval is short enough (default is 1 minute) it would make almost no difference.

Unfortunately it is not possible to disable this functionality, but in case connectivity to ESET infrastructure won't be possible, no other functionality will be affected.

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I wonder if the SMC Server provides an endpoint for agent connection why not use it for that functionality instead of using an ESET's own infrastructure?

Is there any log information about wake-up related events in the agent?


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