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Installer halts on windows7


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I recently re-instaled windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1 on my computer 2 weeks ago, due to a failed hard drive. I reinstalled Nod32, and it was working fine, except for an idiotic popup continually prompting me to enable livegrid, which I did not want to enable.  I read that uninstalling ESET and re-installing the latest version will eliminate the problem; after uninstalling, I tried to re-install, and now I get a message that I can't install Nod32 because my operating system is no longer supported.

  It was fine earlier today other than the nagging livegrid popup, so why won't it install now? The webpage still indicates nod32 will run on Win7.

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When installing ESET on Windows 7, SP1 must be installed as well as Windows Updates KB4474419 and KB4490628 that add SHA256 code signing support.

As for LiveGrid, please provide a screen shot of the pop-up prompting you to enable LiveGrid since we do not display anything like that if you choose not to use the LiveGrid Feedback system during installation. LiveGrid actually consists of 2 parts: LiveGrid Reputation system (should be always enabled) and LiveGrid Feedback system for submitting already detected and highly suspicious files (optional).

The LiveGrid Reputation system is passive. It is essential for keeping protection up to date against emerging threats. This system doesn't submit anything and only queries LiveGrid to get essential information about hashes of files and to receive a list of malicious objects that is generated continually as ESET processes new malware throughout the day. Disabling LiveGrid Reputation system has also also adverse effect on performance, detection (the gap between updates is not eliminated) and cleaning. When disabled, ESET will not be able to skip whitelisted and trusted files that you have on the disk and will continue to scan them. When it comes to detection, ESET may not be able to recognize new malware because of missing LiveGrid blacklists. When cleaning, ESET may not be able to kill and clean malware because of missing LiveGrid information about files.

The ESET Feedback system is active and it's purpose is to submit already detected and highly suspicious files to ESET. The more people use it, the more new malware the product can detect and clean and the smaller probability of encountering a false positive.

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