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Housecall - False Positive?

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Eset keeps producing the 'Cleaned by Deleting - Quarartined' message on Housecall files; the file names change every few days - I'm assuning its the update files. The threat is shown as 'Win32/Riskware.PEMalform.B application' for each file.


Anybody else experiencing this? Is it a false positive?



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Looks like a FP,

I would add House call to the exclusions list in advanced settings > antivirus & antispyware > exclusions

Do you have Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications enabled ? If so, you could also uncheck that if it falls in that category.


If it falls under the unwanted or unsafe category, its not considered an FP, but an accurate detection, and you would simply need to exclude the directory.

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The detection is correct. It is corrupted malformed PE files that are flagged by the mentioned detection name.

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