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Cloud Administrator - Diagnostic logs are empty?

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Hi Everybody,

I hope you can help me with a problem, that I have been trying to solve.

In ESET Cloud Administrator there is a log option under each computer -> Logs -> SysInspectorLog Collector and Diagnostic logs
I am trying to get diagnostic information for debugging purposes, but no matter what I do there is no data in the DIagnostic logs! 
I have tried resending and turning on diagnostics, but there is nothing in them? 

Can anyone help me or guide me to a topic, that I haven't been able to find myself?

Thank you very much for you're time and help.

Best Regards 



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Diagnostic logging basically transfers all of the information from the log files stored on the clients, for whose the diagnostic logging is enabled. It might take a while, till the task executes, the collection is enabled, and logs are transferred. For how long you kept that function that enabled? 

Also, which logs in particular you want to collect? Is the particular feature actually enabled on the target machine? 

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Hi Michalj,

I have tried enabling this function a few times and trying at least one whole day. 

Right now I want to collect the Firewall log. I use the policies for setting up the clients, but can you help with what needs to be turned on? I tried enabling network protection, but that did not help.

Please see settings below.



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