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automatic update eset node 32 version 4 from server directly


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I have eset node 32 install in more clients in my computeres  and i need to automatic update from server to clients without need to press button update every time in every client computer how i make that

what setting i must do

I installed in server and his ip is

and client computer is

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Thank you for reply

Can you tell me steps in summary

please help me

where is i put ip of server and client that updated

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We need a little bit of clarification.

Are you using ESET Endpoint Antivirus ? Or Nod32 ?

Do you have Eset Remote administrator console installed on the server residing on the same network as clients ?


Do the endpoints not update on their own ? They are suppose to. You can set it for update from ERA local server, or ESET servers.

This is regarding definition and module updates.


Upgrading the actual software from lets say version 4 to 5 is a different process and you can perform that from ERA also.



Regarding you question, the best i can answer with right now, is in the advanced setup of the endpoint under Update settings.

Or through the policy manager built in to ERA.


I am still unsure what answers to give you without more detail on your current setup !


Thanks :)

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