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How do i recovery 'Eset EndPoing Security 5.0' back with out any automatic update to 'Eset Smart Security' ???


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I'm royalty customer of Eset since nod32 was released.  Currently I buy the 'Eset Endpoint Security' for many of my customers.  The main function i used the 'Personal Firewall' like picture below.


I'm very sad and upset too much when i know that you do the bad things with all customer without permission.  You change the version from the 'Eset Endpoing Security' to 'Eset Smart Security'.  By 'Eset Smart Security' it does not have the 'Personal Firewall' function.  'Eset Smart Security' work like Nod32.  Why you do like this ???


The 'Personal Firewall' is work only in 'Eset Smart Security V5'.  V6 and V7 not working properly.


If you do like this I will use the product instead surely.  I hope that you will responsible for this as soon as possible.


The old version ''Eset Smart Security v5.0' is work fine.  How do i recover it back with out any automatic update to 'Eset Smart Security' ???


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Please refer to https://forum.eset.com/announcement/5-endpoint-50-65-and-eset-server-products-65-non-functional-as-of-feb-8-antivirus-and-antiphising-is-non-functional-reported/ and the KB article https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue.

This was caused by a bug in old versions of our products, namely Endpoint 5.0.2248+ (except the very latest version 5.0.2271) and versions 6.5.

There is already a fix for Endpoint v5, please refer to https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue and the section How to download the fixing tool for v5.

Please elaborate more on "The 'Personal Firewall' is work only in 'Eset Smart Security V5'.  V6 and V7 not working properly." The firewall works properly both in v6 and v7. What works differently for you in v5?

Endpoint v5 is going to reach end of life by the end of this year which means that even engine updates will not be guaranteed afterwards. We strongly recommend to upgrade to Endpoint 7.2 to those who can upgrade as soon as possible. Also please keep in mind that Endpoint v5 is not effective enough to protect you from current emerging threats while v7.2 provides a bunch of new protection features to keep you safe. Last but not least, neither Endpoint 6.6 nor 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 were affected by this issue.

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In Eset v7.2, it has function 'Personal Firewall' like Eset End Point Security 5 ?  If it has this function.  Please show me the screen.  If not you and your team should go hell.  You violate all user to upgrade version without any permission.  It's too much ugly.  However, please show me the screen function of the 'Personal Firewall' in Eset EndPoint Security 7.2.  Thank you.

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