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PowerISO (new version released)

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ESET Internet Security
Windows 7

This legit site gets blocked by ESET when downloading .exe. 

Managed to download PowerISO v7.6 (64-bit) | Feb 10, 2020 | 6019 KB 
But ESET blocks the install?

URL adress:
IP adress: 

Any help and info on this is much appreciated. 

Best Regards,



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Thanks for the quick reply! 

Tried downloading jus now, but no go unless I chose "Ignore and continue". 

Installing "PowerISO7-x64.exe" doesn't work either. It gets blocked even if I disable ESET completely.

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I have no problems running it after installation. I recall those PUA pop-ups appeared during installation but the application can be launched without issues though.

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I was getting the yellow pop-up about blocked communication only during installation. However, it's possible that the PUA is installed and runs only in specific countries which could account for the different behavior. On my machine blocking the PUA url doesn't cause any issues with running the application after installation.

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