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Is any specific need to uninstall the ESET AV in Safe Mode??

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Hello All,


I have one concern, that one our client devices are running with ESET AV and they are moving to another Antiviurs. While uninstalling ESET av from devices they are going to hung state. Due to this, lot of servers were down and it is business critical to us.


Also i have verified in lot of forums and observed that everyone saying that boot the device is safe mode. It is very critical task if we are going to boot the device is safe mode.


Is this required operation to perform ESET uninstallation from boot safe mode ?? Is ESET AV will not remove from normal mode??


Please anyone answer my question..


Thanks is Advance.





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ESET normally uninstalls simply by running Uninstaller from the Start menu or alternatively via the Control panel. The uninstallation process is performed by Windows Installer itself. Resorting to using the Uninstall tool in safe mode is necessary only in cases when Windows Installer fails for whatever reason.

You could try reinstalling the ESET product and uninstalling it after a server restart which may help in some cases.

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