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ARP cache poisoning? Both devices running ESET

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Hi, I have a notebook with ESET internet security installed and Android mobile phone running ESET as well. From time to time (once in a two weeks) ESET reports that my phone is attempting ARP cache poisoning attact, which is strange.

I have a primary Wi-Fi hotspot in my house, and the secondary one, and I know that this can happen when a device is connecting from one hotspot to another, but it happens when I'm sitting next to my notebook with my phone. It is a Win10Pro notebook, I'm using Your Phone Companion app from Microsoft.

Does anybody have the same issue?

Kind regards


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I would ignore it or create an exception. If you want to investigate what different device adapters are responding to an ARP query and triggering the detection, enable advanced network protection logging under tools -> diagnostics, reproduce the detection, disable logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated zip file. Do that only if you are able to reproduce it relatively quickly or advanced logging will generate huge logs which will be difficult to analyze.

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