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ESET Push Notification Service.

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Hi to all,

I try to make a "Send wake-up call" to any mobile device, and i always get the same message

Failed to send Wake-up call to following clients.
Device name: Device is not registered to ESET Push Notification Service.

Latest version of ESMC and MDM are installed.

Βecause it's a test lab environment all the firewall ports are open.




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  • ESET Staff


MDM should register with EPNS on behalf of devices (devices themselves use FCM or APNS). The reason for this error is EPNS tokens did not make it onto ESMC server for some reason. Please verify MDM proxy can replicate to ESMC server and can connect to EPNS (epns.eset.com:8883/443), otherwise we will need high verbosity logs from MDM and MultiAgents - please create customer care ticket.

As a sidenote this issue is "cosmetical" as communication between devices and MDM is triggered by new work for device (task) or by EESA when it has logs, we added EPSN only for "single paint of glass" feeling.


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