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Message at bottom of mails ?

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I've been used Eset Nod32 v3 for years and at the bottom of each sent/received mail there was a message saying that the mail was scanned with no errors found.

Now I use a trial version of Eset Smart Security 6 and this message does no longer appear.

Did I miss something or is this normal ?





PS: Sorry for my poor English but my mother tongue is French. :mellow:

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The message is added only to infected emails by default. I wouldn't recommend enabling it for all scanned emails for the following reasons:

1, it can be easily falsified by malware and its authenticity cannot be verified

2, adding the message to improperly formated html emails may render the email body invisible or otherwise mangled.

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I just tried to enable it for all mails but this doesn't change anything.

So, how do my contacts know that the received mail has been scanned and is healthy ? (even if I agree with your point 1)

Thanks anyway

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