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ESMC Agent Setup ended prematurely

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Dear All,

ESET Management Agent setup ends prematurely during installation



Please see attached document for log 


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Agent installation ending prematurely (which I also have encountered before... though what follows is a fuzzy recollection of what I did) tends to mean something (either in the registry, or in the eset directories) are preventing it from running.

Firstly, make sure you're installing it with Admin privs. 

Secondly, check if the Agent is *already* installed (though if you check in the Add Programs (or Programs and Features..depending on the Windows version)), if the ESET Agent exists but with no installation date or whatever,  it probably means something in the system has screwed up.   The *best* thing to do is to grab the EsetUninstaller and go into Safe Mode and run it.  It'll detect old installations.  Just remove the installed versions with the EsetUninstaller.  (can be downloaded from the ESet website).



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