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Computers not visible in console - agent problem

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Hi, I have a problem and i hope you can help me understand what is wrong.

I created ESMC All-in-one installer package and reinstalled manually products on 10 computers. Only 3 of them are connecting to my console. I have a error log from one of the problematic computers. I think there is something bad with proxy, but my installer package has this option unchecked ("turn on http proxy settings")

This is error:

"ERROR: InitializeConnection: Initiating replication connection to 'host: "DC002" port: 2222' failed with: Request: Era.Common.Services.Replication.CheckReplicationConsistencyRequest on connection: host: "DC002" port: 2222 with proxy set as: Proxy: Connection: :3128, Credentials: Name: , Password: ******, Enabled:0, EnabledFallback:1, failed with error code: 14, error message: Endpoint read failed, and error details:
Replication details: [Task: CReplicationConsistencyTask, Scenario: Automatic replication (REGULAR), Connection: DC001:2222, Connection established: false, Replication inconsistency detected: false, Server busy state detected: false, Realm change detected: false, Realm uuid: 1bc6ecfd-6fd8-41c1-89ed-48432786851a, Sent logs: 0, Cached static objects: 0, Cached static object groups: 0, Static objects to save: 0, Static objects to delete: 0, Modified static objects: 0]
All replication attempts: 6"

Thanks for any response

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I'm guessing that the DC002 is the system that the agents are trying to connect to? 

Do you have any agent policies set up and associated with the agents?  Perhaps the agent policy setting has it on (i.e., you selected the Agent with proxy policy while creating the agent deployment packages?

But IIRC, that is the default response.  Have you checked that the ports on DC002 are allowing 2222?


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  • ESET Staff

Relevant error in this case is:

Endpoint read failed

which indicates network-related problem. Could you verify that is no firewall or proxy in between AGENT and ESMC that could possibly result in dropped connections?

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