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How to check number of licenses available

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ERA - ESET Remote Administrator Web Console

Security Management Center hxxp://localhost:8080/era/



I don't know how to check how many licenses (seats?) are left available for new computers at our company's ERA portal. 

Additionally, I'd be interested to learn more about managing the company's ESET resources. Are there any guides available? I'd love to have a good read rather than trying to figure out all the functionality on the fly. 

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, if the license is added in the console, you can see the total/used quantity in the license tab of the webconsole.

When you talk about management of resources, what do you mean in particular? 

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Hi Michal, 

License management tab - right there in front of me. Thank you. 

Management of resources = the computers that I should be able to manage through this console. 


Example: I've got this laptop, which I am struggling with; It's been recently decommissioned, and I need to free up the license seat for use with another user. But I am struggling; 


 So, I go into tasks, and set up tasks to remove the software, and stop managing it, but it's just got stuck and won't move on. 


The laptop has been on, and connected to the internet for the past day or so, and still nothing is happening. I only managed to remotely reboot the laptop, which is not you know, a heroic achievement... 

Is there a way how I can FORCE tasks to execute RIGHT NOW? 


And while we're on the topic, what is the deciding factor that determines when a task will execute? I know these are the questions that a manual would easily cover or explain, hence my previous "Are there any guides available? I'd love to have a good read rather than trying to figure out all the functionality on the fly. "


Thanks in advance 

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When you create a new task in the ESMC, the task is added to a queue and will be executed automatically the next time the computer checks in (typically 1 minute which is default Agent replication time).

Looking at the screenshot, the task was picked up and executed. You'll have to wait a little while for the status to change to either finished or fail.

If you want the task to execute immediately, send a wake-up call to the computer via actions tab. This will force the computer to check in and pick up any pending task or simply update the machines status.

Also, FYI, I would recommend creating a generic company ESET Business Account (EBA) www.eba.eset.com, adding your company licencing to this account, then signing into your ESMC with this EBA account. 

This will make managing licence usage of your licences much easier.

ESET Security Management Center Administration Guide - https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/71/en-US/

ESET Business Account Getting Started Guide - https://help.eset.com/eba/en-US/

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  • ESET Staff

If you have will execute the "stop managing task", you can´t expect any confirmation of the successful task execution. 

Software uninstallation must have gone wrong. Was the install password protected? Does the task "swtiches the state" to a different one after reboot? Simple "freeing" of the seat is by executing "stop managing task", and then removing the device from the ESMC by "remove", and selecting the option "deactivate products". As of ESMC 7.1 there is also option to trigger license removal available in the context menu over the computer.  It´s called "deactivate products".

Alternative approach is to login to ELA / EBA (depending on which one to use), locate the computer, and remove the seat from the license. It will make the Endpoint "deactivated" upon next connection to our licensing server. 


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