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Modules failed to rename files. [Sorted]


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It happens when another process touches update files and has a handle opened when the updater attempts to rename files during update.

Should it happen again, we'll need an advanced update engine log (can be enabled under tools - diagnostics in the adv. setup) as well as a Procmon log from an update attempt in order to determine the troublesome process.

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Thanks Marcos, I've a feeling it was just one of those things, just that I never thought to reboot before posting. I was about to look in the update log when I hit on the idea of rebooting.... may be I did something as it was updating.

Other than that the AV is 'sound as a pound'.... the only time I notice the AV is if I happen to click a 'dodgy' site or the updating pop up.

I'll root this post out should I need to get back and post the results.  Thanks for the post and advice.  Cheers, Dave

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