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Delay - updates virus definitions

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i have question about virus databse updates for yours product.
So we have AV Eset Mail for Linux and Eset ESET File Security for Windows server.

Yesterday i get virus by mail and Eset on Windows server knew it on (15:47 – VBA/TrojanDropper.Agent.ATG).
but Eset Mail for Linux not knew it at least one hour ...

So my two question is :
1) What delay is between updates for Server and Mail products ?
2) Where i can found (if anywhere) when you detect VBA/TrojanDropper.Agent.ATG on Eset Mail for Linux.

Very thanks for answer ...

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There are no delays in providing update files on update servers. The difference is caused by the default interval for checking for new updates which is 60 minutes. That said, it should take 1 hour at maximum for all machines to update to a particular engine version.

Unlike EMSL, Windows v7 product use streamed updates to get updates against a group of threats every few minutes. However, in case of VBA malware only ESET Dynamic Threat Defense (supported by Windows Server products v7+) could shorten the reaction time and possibly recognize the malware even before it starts spreading by analyzing attachments possibly carrying malware in cloud.

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